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Our kitchen design process focuses on customer satisfaction

Palm Beach Florida Kitchen and Family Ro

Identify the Scope of your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen design involves mapping a layout, selecting materials, and working through plumbing and electrical requirements. Fifty percent of kitchen renovations involve structural changes to the home such as enlarging windows, or opening walls. Consider these opportunities and how you would like Dove Design to approach them.

Black and Gold Bar in Mendham NJ

Call Dove Design for a Consultation

Dove Design offers a complimentary initial consultation, usually within three business days. We will meet at your home, our showroom or project site and review your space, plans, and goals for the project. We will also want to learn about your lifestyle: who's in the family, how do you use your kitchen, what do you cook? You may wish to prepare photos, links, and sketches so we can bring your specific taste to life.

Kitchen shelves with pottery

Design Concept Agreement

After our initial consultation, we will create a preliminary plan along with hand drawn sketches and perspective drawings showing cabinetry, moldings, and interior finishes. Based on those visualizations we will create a detailed time line and payment schedules.

Gold Kitchen Sink Fixtures

Budget Accordingly

A new kitchen is the best investment you can make in your home. It generally provides a 100% return on investment. Quality and durability are not easily bought, so set your expectations accordingly. You will recoup ever dollar down the road.

Light Brown and White Kitchen Remodel Pa

Design Development Agreement

Dove Design conducts a survey and prepares an architect's plan and measurements. Advanced 3D computer models are created complete with accessories, lighting, and material textures. We engineer appropriate appliance and cabinetry specifications, and develop blueprints for any plumbing, electrical, or structural changes.

gray and copper kitchen remodel Jim Dove

Product Selection

Dove Design will introduce you to our exclusive network of furniture and appliance showrooms. Through our dealer-only network of suppliers we will find you the highest quality counter tops and cabinetry. We have access to unique stone and man-made materials and we will help you incorporate these accessories and appliances into your kitchen remodel.

White Farmhouse Sink Chocolate Kitchen C


After we have selected all the finishing touches and ordered the cabinets, it is time for your contractor to go to work. While our cabinet manufacturer is busy fabricating your cabinets, your contractor should be completing the necessary renovation to prepare the space for the new cabinets. When the cabinets arrive, Dove Design will engage our team of experienced craftsman to install the cabinetry, appliance, cabinet hardware, and countertop. Your contractor will connect the appliances, complete the electrical, plumbing, painting, backsplash tile, and finishing touches as guided by Dove Design Studio.

Wallpaper kitchen backsplash Palm Beach

A Kitchen is For Life

Dove Design stands behind everything we build. Exclusive warranties and service contracts come with all of our products and we use only the most durable kitchen materials available.

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